About Us

We raise funds with Art

Our main focus is to help charities and non-profit organizations raise funds. We offer throughout the community our 'art easels' that are displayed in various business locations. Beautiful pieces of art are offered with a substantial portion of the profit from the sale going to the charity or organization chosen by the hosting business.

One or more art easels can also be displayed at fundraising events, offices, conventions or festivals. We provide a variety of collectibles, modern and contemporary pictures for display, auctions or for individual sale at your event. Aristeas team manages all aspects of the sale and delivery of the pictures.

We are a values-driven company united by the common desire to make a positive impact in our communities and in the world. If you work with us, you will come to find that we are one of the most talented, motivated, passionate and innovative teams you’ll ever come across.

We’ve set out to disrupt the current conceptions of what is possible. We believe that possibilities and the potential for innovation are all around us. We believe that serving our different communities exceptionally is the only way we can succeed in our mission. Caring is the most powerful marketing strategy there is. We believe we can change the world by creating simple, intentional acts of kindness. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we meet. No matter what the moment brings, we aspire to find a way to bring hope, inspiration and elevation to the people around us.

We put our hearts in every campaign we do

And the response is always positive

Work with us

Aristeas raises money for deserving charities and community organizations by offering exceptional pieces of art at reasonable prices - a generous portion of the profit going to the recipient.

We are in need of a number of motivated people in your community who would like to help us carry on with our mission.

• Work part time or full time
• Decide for yourself on number of hours and the time of day you work
• Introduce beautiful pieces of art, enriching your life and others who view the easel
• Be part of a group of people that give back to your community by raising funds for charities and organizations
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