Welcome to Aristeas

Where we provide charitable and humanitarian organizations a zero-risk, long term source of funding.

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How does the Initiative Work?

1) A relationship is created

We partner with Charitable organization. They need funding for their cause and we wanna help them get it.

2) Easel locations are linked to the cause

Aristeas team members go out and create a network of locations to display beautiful art and amazing collectable pieces.

3) We start receiving offers

We leave the piece for about 2 or 3 weeks and then change it for a new one. That way our generous locations get a new and fresh piece of art or collectible.

4) There is a succesful offer

We get in touch with the winner and arrange delivery and payment of their new piece of art or collectible.

5) Money is given to the cause

The charitable or humanitarian organization receives a cheque for all the money they have raised for their cause.

6) Everybody wins!

The amazing cause gets the funds to keep their good work and our partners wins as they get to help in a beautiful way the causes they care about most.